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Industrial Kitchen Exhibition

Industrial Kitchen Exhibition is a major industry event for buyers interested in the equipment and operation of innovative and efficient commercial kitchens. A commercial kitchen is essential for restaurants, bars, takeout floors, hotels, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and so much more.

What Should You Expect From an Exhibition

Commercial Kitchen gatherings mostly accompanied by the award-winning meals and techniques! industrial kitchen exhibition also allows buyers to view a wider range of products and innovations.  Industrial kitchen supplies are the most important equipment on the list of needs of people who want to open a restaurant, set up a buffet or cafe. After the industrial kitchen project is drawn, the equipment supply stage is reached and the needed kitchen materials are purchased.

The design concepts of areas such as restaurants, cafes, hotels and bistros are determined and the place is equipped accordingly. For customers, first sight is very important, and a design that attracts people will increase the number of your customers if your establishment has an open industrial kitchen.

What Should You Consider Before Buying the Right Equipment

However, in order to turn people into “regular customers”, the food served must be delicious and of high quality. In this article, we will touch on the subject of industrial kitchen materials, which we are experts in, by throwing the ball to the chefs. You can buy the best products and you will know what to expect from any industrial kitchen exhibition.

While equipping your kitchen, it is necessary to select the appropriate equipment for the menu types you have determined. Buying products that are not needed causes both the kitchen to be busy and damages the budget because these are very expensive products. Industiral kitchen ideas can be fun on pinterest or on paper, but you should make the smart choices.

Industrial Kitchen Sections

In the storage part of the kitchen, besides the cold rooms where we can store cold and frozen products, bench-type refrigerators and vertical refrigerators are used. Wire shelves are often used in cold rooms, and various shelves are used to store dry foods. Some shelves or rooms in the kitchen may require special industrial kitchen lights depending on your product. Some goods need special temperatures; some need different lighting.

In kitchens where pastries are available, dough rolling machines, dough kneading machines, and stand mixers are used as preparation equipment. In the vegetable preparation section, there are potato and onion cutters and more general purpose vegetable cutters. In the meat preparation section, according to your kitchens needs, you have equipment such as meat grinders and meat tenderizers.

The cooking section is also arranged according to the menu. Depending on the location, products such as grills, stoves, deep fryers, boiling pots, floor cookers are selected. One of the points to be considered here is the type of food to be consumed. You will have so many options to choose from at the industrial kitchen exhibition. You should choose the electric or gas models that suit your needs.

Professional Cooking Ovens

Professional cooking ovens are produced today as versatile and “smart” ovens. They can cook both meat, chicken, fish, vegetable dishes, and bakery products. They are the most important assistants of the chefs with their state-of-the-art features. Almost all the companies in the industrial kitchen exhibition, will try to offer the best prices for both Rational and Unox ovens.

While an area such as a salad bar is highly preferred today, they are frequently seen in self-service and open buffet-style places. Cold and hot display areas with products such as service line and cover are mandatory needs of a self-service restaurant.

Products such as eggnog, bar blender, hot chocolate machine and juicer are generally used as beverage and bar equipment. Since drinks prepared with these products are highly preferred by customers, they have become a necessity for many businesses.

Kitchen Essentials and Industry

Although we could not mention many products in this article, it seems that kitchen utensils are used in dozens of different areas. The truth that applies to all of these is this: Industrial Kitchens are Built to Last. For this reason, appropriate quality equipment is selected. When you go to the industrial kitchen exhibition, the firms can help you with the selection of the best industrial kitchen materials with their expert staff. Most of the companies create useful kitchens with selections suitable for your project and menu.

Dishwashers, dish dryers, coolers, industrial kitchen shelf units made of stainless steel, kitchen cabinets designed for storing materials are auxiliary equipment used before and after cooking, not directly while cooking. Apart from the main products, byproducts can also be sold at the industrial kitchen exhibition. Pots, whisks, spatulas, scrapers, pan types, sifting tools and strainers, can be sold as kitchen equipment.

Industrial Kitchen Equipment Usage Periods

The equipment used in the kitchen, which has electronic parts, is generally made of stainless steel products. This also known as industrial kitchen style equipment. The variety of fixtures and equipment is very large. If the products are installed by planning correctly during the first installation, their lifespan will be longer accordingly.

All kinds of hygienic conditions in the equipment to be placed on the floor are calculated and placed. Stainless Steel equipment is also easy to clean. Industrial kitchen shelves are not stainless steel sometimes and you should educate yourself on how to clean it properly.


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